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Xijiao Hotel Beijing

China | Beijing

The Xijiao Hotel Beijing in Beijing has received a mixed bag of reviews from its guests. While some visitors thoroughly enjoyed their stay and appreciated the hotel's amenities and services, others were not as impressed and encountered several issues during their stay.

Many guests commended the Xijiao Hotel Beijing for its spacious and well-appointed rooms. They found the beds to be comfortable and appreciated the cleanliness of the accommodations. Some reviewers also praised the hotel's beautiful garden and natural surroundings, providing a serene atmosphere.

The hotel's staff was another aspect that received positive feedback. Many guests mentioned that the staff members were friendly, helpful, and professional, making their stay more enjoyable. They were quick to respond to any inquiries or requests, ensuring a pleasant experience for the guests.

Furthermore, the hotel's amenities were a highlight for some guests. The Xijiao Hotel Beijing offers a wide range of facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and multiple dining options. Visitors were particularly satisfied with the variety and quality of the food served at the hotel's restaurants.

However, not all guests had a positive experience at the Xijiao Hotel Beijing. Several reviewers mentioned various issues they encountered during their stay, which detracted from their overall satisfaction. One of the recurring complaints was about the cleanliness of certain areas of the hotel, such as the pool or the bathrooms. Some guests found these areas to be dirty and in need of better maintenance.

Additionally, a few guests mentioned difficulties with communication. While the majority of the staff members were praised for their helpfulness, a handful of reviewers noted language barriers and ineffective communication when dealing with certain staff members.

Another area of concern was the location of the hotel. While some guests appreciated the peaceful surroundings, others found it inconvenient to be away from the city center. The hotel's distance from popular tourist attractions and business districts was seen as a drawback for these guests.

In conclusion, the Xijiao Hotel Beijing in Beijing has received a mix of positive and negative reviews from its guests. While some visitors enjoyed the spacious rooms, friendly staff, and various amenities, others were disappointed by cleanliness issues and language barriers. The hotel's location, though serene, was not ideal for those looking to be in the heart of the city....




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