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Large 2 Bedrooms Queen Beds Work Stations New York

United States | New York

The Large 2 Bedrooms Queen Beds Work Stations in New York has received mixed reviews from guests who have stayed there. The property is located in a prime location, which is highly appreciated by guests. However, there have been some negative aspects pointed out by a few guests.

One of the most common positive aspects mentioned by guests is the spaciousness of the bedrooms. With two large bedrooms equipped with queen beds, guests were able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. The work stations provided in the bedrooms were also appreciated by those who needed to work during their stay.

The prime location of the property was also a highlight for many guests. Situated in New York, guests found it convenient to explore the city's popular attractions and restaurants. The property was also described as being in close proximity to public transportation, making it easy for guests to navigate the city.

However, there were some negative aspects that were mentioned by a few guests. One of the most frequent complaints was regarding the cleanliness of the property. Some guests reported that they found the rooms to be dusty and not properly cleaned. This was a disappointment for those who expected a high level of cleanliness.

Another issue raised by some guests was the noise level. Due to the property's central location, guests reported experiencing noise from outside the building. This made it difficult for some guests to sleep peacefully, especially during the night.

Furthermore, a few guests expressed their dissatisfaction with the amenities provided. Some guests claimed that the Wi-Fi connection was unreliable and slow. This was inconvenient for those who needed to use the internet for work or leisure purposes. Additionally, a few guests mentioned that the furniture in the bedrooms was worn out and in need of replacement.

Overall, the Large 2 Bedrooms Queen Beds Work Stations in New York has received mixed reviews from guests. While the spacious bedrooms and prime location were appreciated, the issues with cleanliness, noise, and amenities were a disappointment for some guests. It is important for potential guests to consider these factors before booking their stay at this property....




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